Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a lord of the rings kind of day.

so we are frolicking in forests at last. a short, too short, trip today to glacier bay national park to check out some of the protected live yellow-cedar stands at the northern extent of the study area. it is true, there is something totally magical about stepping into an old growth forest. even when you're running around for as many tree cores as you can get in 37 minutes and it's raining down on the fisheye lens, there's still a sense of calm that wisdom and history imparts. i tried hard to soak it in amidst the tasks at hand, as it will be a while until we walk in a healthy forest like the ones we saw today. i want to be able to close my eyes in the dying yellow-cedar forests and remember how they might have once been. we installed some climate sensors in both the soil and air to be able to collect at least a year of data -- so as of tonight at 12:00am those guys will be doing their job like champs. i'd like to give special thanks to mcdonald's for the first time in my life. it turns out that they source the best straws for storing tree cores.

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