Saturday, June 18, 2011

lasers & green friends

kate and i spent the afternoon testing out the "impulse" -- a fun laser gun kind of thing that we will use to measure tree heights. we traipsed around one of the local trails in juneau while the crows and eagles sang from above. i am starting to see at last how this whole forest frolick thing is a walk through time. it's like piecing a puzzle together -- how old is that tree, how old is this tree, which one grew tall and perhaps why... i found myself enjoying a familiar place in a whole new way. measuring trees asks you to stand still, to look, listen, and get to know a community in an entirely different way than the usual pass-through hike. we also played with a clinometer old school style.

so the top photo is actually from glacier bay. that's a tag on one of my first cores in a yellow-cedar forest. middle photo is kate tearing it up with the impulse (you should also see her with a rifle). and bottom shot is devil's club's_Club. undoubtedly we will all be oozing from some spine sticking by this legendary southeast plant.

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