Sunday, May 8, 2011

fisheyes & checklists.

the to do list is nutso. count down till june 12 departure north. odin's certified for bear protection, kate's studying up on understory plants, scs out of sitka has been so helpful finding a place to stay and boats to float. i am still playing with design, revising piece by piece, reviewing papers and methods, juggling logistics. there's quite a handful of ways we could measure canopy cover across our plots, and i'm hoping to go with two. hemispherical photographs wil be the main route, fingers crossed for the typical cloudy southeast days and occasional breaks from rain. with the 180 degree view, these should be solid for analysis with the forestry software out there (note: brace self for long time in front of computer next year). i'm psyched for the shots to double as visual data, thinking about how to share this project in a public installation alongside satellite & historical imagery and photographs we'll capture from the forest floor. there is going to be a lot of bumbling around blueberry brush. the long list of thank yous is already in full effect. matt from helped with a test run this weekend, dialing in the the right field set-up. these are not yellow-cedar trees by the way, nor sitka spruce.